This is a list of deleted scenes from the film Drag Me to Hell.

Scenes Edit

  • In the scene in the bank before Christine Brown has a has a projectile nosebleed, a large amount of blood pours from her mouth first.
  • In the scene where Christine sacrifices the kitten, she is shown stabbing a knife back and forth as blood shoots towards her and the kitten is heard screaming. The scene is edited to show Christine with the knife and the camera cuts to show the house as the kitten scream is heard
  • After the sacrifice of the kitten, Christine is shown throwing the body into a grave as she proceeds to bury it. This scene is edited to show the kitten already in the grave partially covered with dirt while Christine buries it.
  • During dinner with Clay Dalton's parents, his dad asks how his coin collection is going and Clay tells him of the Standing Liberty quarter Christine had found him earlier.

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