Juan was a Mexican boy who became a victim of Lamia's curse and dragged to hell.


In the beginning of the movie, Drag me to Hell, A Mexican couple bring their son, Juan to the house of Shaun San Dena, an experienced Medium who asks what happen. The boy claims to be haunted for the last three days by evil spirits. The medium asks for the truth. Juan had stole a necklace from a band of Gypsies and the parents tried to return it, but they refused. Shaun invites them inside and calls on her magic to save him, but an unseen force attacks them and throws Juan off the balcony to the floor. As the parents try to come get their son, the floor cracks open and opens the hot firey abyss of Hell. Shaun can only watch as huge demonic hands brutally drag the screaming boy down to Hell to burn for eternity.