Lamia Face
The Laamia is the main demon in the movie. It is known as the most powerful and feared of all demons. It has a head and hooves of a goat, and the body of a human. It also has brown hair covering its entire body. The Laamia has a twisted and sadistic personality and it loves to torment it´s victims, but becomes very angry and frustrated when things don´t go it's way.


See also, Laamia curse

The Laamia is part of a curse and once placed on someone, the Laamia will torment it's victim for three days before dragging them to hell where it will feast up on the victims soul, and the only way to stop it is to: have it possess another being and kill it, offer it a sacrifice (which is proven in the film to not work, though it is unknown if a bigger or more than one sacrifice would have worked), or give the accursed object to someone else, which will send that person to hell instead.



Shaun is possessed

In an attempt to stop the Laamia from taking Christine Brown, Shaun San Dena, a medium, allowed herself to be possessed by it and then possess a goat so her assistant, Milos may slay it in a ritual. However, after being possessed, Milos accidentally cut the chain instead of the goat's head, freeing the possessed goat which in turn, bites him, causing him to be possessed. Milos then went to taunt Christine when Rham, a fortune teller who had been helping at the ritual, woke up Shaun who had grown unconscious after the demon left her body. Shaun then was able to banish the spirit, causing Milos to return to his original state.