Shaun San Dena


Lamias powers destroyed her body after he left her body
Sander (husband, deceased)
*Milo (assistant)
  • Rham Jas

Shaun San Dena (pronounced [ ʃɔːn sæn diːnʌ ] IPASIMPLE) is the medium from the film Drag Me to Hell. She performed a séance and allowed herself to be possessed by the Lamia in an attempt to rid Christine Brown of a curse placed on her by Sylvia Ganush. This ultimately led to San Dena's death.

First encounter with the Lamia Edit

Shaun's first encounter with the Lamia was in 1969 in Pasadena, California. A couple had brought their son, Juan to her. The child said he had been hearing voices. Shaun demanded to know what happened, his parents confessed he had stolen a silver necklace from the back of a gypsy wagon. They went on to say they attempted to give it back, but the gypsies didn't want it. Shaun invited them in to her home, we she tried to banish the curse. But the spirit entered the room and attacked the guests. Juan ran off the staircase, falling to the floor, where the ground proceeded to open and demonic arms dragged him to hell as Shaun and his parents watched. Shaun then swore to meet the Lamia again.

Christine Brown Edit


Shaun is possessed by the Lamia

After Christine Brown has been cursed by Sylvia Ganush, Rham Jas a fortune teller, informed Christine that there was a way to rid her of the curse. He continued to tell her of Shaun, and that the ceremony would cost $10,000. Christine's boyfriend, Clay payed Rham. They then performed the séance. Shaun allowed the Lamia to inhabit her body. Rham then asked of the Lamaia to not take Christine's soul. Remembering instructions from earlier, Christine placed Shaun's hand on a goat that had been brought in, causing the Lamia to possess the goat. Milos, Shaun's assistant then attempted to kill the goat, but instead set it free. The goat then bit him, Milos flew throughout the room and taunted Christine and Rham as Shaun grew unconscious from the dispossession. Rham woke up Shaun, and she immediately spoke words that drew the spirit from the seance.

Death Edit

After the séance, Shaun collapsed to the floor and died. She was then taken away by an ambulance. Rham then informed Christine that the spirit was not gone. ( Read more at Christine Brown#Séance )